Sallie Mitchell

Public Relations & Advertising


For a public relations plan to be effective, it must be built upon a foundation of principles. These are Sallie Mitchell's Top Five.

1. There's no use running if you're on the wrong road
Identify where you are, where you want to be, how you'll get there and how to know when you've arrived.

Make sure you're not running down the wrong road. Research where you stand before you take the first step. Establish specific, measurable objectives for the short term and long term for each target audience.

2. Dig deeper
Charles Revson often said, "We don't sell cosmetics, we sell hope." Dig deeper to discover what your target audiences really want, then tie your company to those desires.

Identify the unique and motivating advantage you offer. Satisfy the core need of each of your targets. Build your brand. Pave the way for preference. Distinguish yourself from the competition.

3. Measure, evaluate and stay flexible
Measure your progress. Make necessary course corrections, and stay flexible. Take advantage of breaking events and marketplace developments. It can make the difference between good results and great accomplishments.

4. Watch for the Big Idea
It can hit you in the shower, at a traffic signal or mid-dream in the dead of the night--a crazy, out-of-the-box idea that won't go away. The Big Idea is a highly creative solution that can unnerve, challenge and breakthrough to capture the imagination and reap unprecedented results.

5. Patience is profitable
You are communicating to a passing parade. In between your promotional efforts, life moves on. People get jobs, have children, move and retire. Companies are launched, acquired, expanded, closed and face changes in leadership and competition.

Business is conducted in a predatory arena where any change in your branding is punished. It takes time to build momentum. Consistency and continuity can drive huge rewards.

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